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Exklusiv bei Vodafone - Das Blackberry Storm

vorlagen muster: News und Informationen zum Thema vorlagen muster
Eintrag vom: 05.02.2011.

Kostenlose Downloads zum Thema "Excel Tabellen gratis" Gnumeric (Open Source) PlanMaker Viewer (Freeware) OpenOffice 3 (Open Source) Lotus Symphony (Freeware) Excel Viewer 2007 (Freeware) QuickCalc (Freeware) OxygenOffice 3 (Open Source)
Eintrag vom: 05.02.2011.

Kostenlose Vorlagen Mietvertrag Arbeitsvertrag KFZ-Kaufvertrag Bewerbung Steuerformulare Beschwerdebriefe Arbeitshilfen für Büro und Verwaltung
Eintrag vom: 06.02.2011.

Eine riesige Auswahl an Vorlagen gibt es bei uns.Enfach Vorlage aussuchen downloaden ausfüllen und ausdrucken - das wars.
Eintrag vom: 06.02.2011.


Eintrag vom: 06.02.2011.

ToDo-Liste - Arbeitsorganisation durch Aufgabenlisten Pendenzen online verwalten Download von Vorlagen Tipps Zeitmanagement
Eintrag vom: 06.02.2011.

From the world´s reigning expert on expertise comes a powerful new approach to mastering almost any skill. Have you ever wanted to learn a language or pick up an instrument, only to become daunted by the task at hand? Expert performance guru Anders Ericsson has made a career studying chess champions, violin virtuosos, star athletes, and memory mavens. Peak condenses three decades of original research to introduce an incredibly powerful approach to learning that is fundamentally different from the way people traditionally think about acquiring a skill. Ericsson´s findings have been lauded and debated, but never properly explained. So the idea of expertise still intimidates us we believe we need innate talent to excel, or think excelling seems prohibitively difficult. Peak belies both of these notions, proving that almost all of us have the seeds of excellence within us it´s just a question of nurturing them by reducing expertise to a discrete series of attainable practices. Peak offers invaluable, often counterintuitive, advice on setting goals, getting feedback, identifying patterns, and motivating yourself. Whether you want to stand out at work, or help your kid achieve academic goals, Ericsson´s revolutionary methods will show you how to master nearly anything.
PREIS bei - E-Books: EUR 30.86

Praise for the First Edition This book is refreshing to read since it takes animportant topic. and presents it in a clear and concise manner by usingexamples that include visual presentations of the problem,solution methods, and results along with an explanation ofthe mathematical and procedural steps required to model theproblem and work through to a solution.´´--Journal of Classification Thoroughly updated and revised, Network and DiscreteLocation: Models, Algorithms, and Applications, SecondEdition remains the go-to guide on facility location modeling.The book offers a unique introduction to methodological tools forsolving location models and provides insight into when eachapproach is useful and what information can be obtained. The Second Edition focuses on real-world extensions ofthe basic models used in locating facilities, including productionand distribution systems, location-inventory models, anddefender-interdictor problems. A unique taxonomy of locationproblems and models is also presented. Featuring examples using theauthor´s own software--SITATION, MOD-DIST, andMENU-OKF--as well as Microsoft Office® Excel®, thebook provides: * A theoretical and applied perspective on location modelsand algorithms * An intuitive presentation of the uses and limits ofmodeling techniques * An introduction to integrated location-inventory modelingand defender-interdictor models for the design of reliable facilitylocation systems * A full range of exercises to equip readers with anunderstanding of the basic facility location model types Network and Discrete Location: Models, Algorithms, andApplications, Second Edition is an essential resource forpractitioners in applied and discrete mathematics, operationsresearch, industrial engineering, and quantitative geography. Thebook is also a useful textbook for upper-level undergraduate,graduate, and MBA courses.
PREIS bei - E-Books: EUR 125.99
Network and Discrete Location

The co-founders of the hugely successful Who What Wear empire share their best career advice for smart, stylish, self-starting women of all professional levels. In The Career Code, the third book in the smash-hit Who What Wear series, fashion and digital entrepreneurs Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr bring you the Everygirl´s guide for creating your own professional success, on every level, flawlessly. The book is filled with insightful, pragmatic ´´career codes´´ to follow, as well as all of the practical, how-to advice they´ve learned while building their company from zero employees in 2006, to the thriving, multibrand, multiplatform, multi-million dollar company it is today. In this approachable, authoritative, and inspirational book, you will find the most useful and accessible tips and tricks to strategically build your career into exactly what you want it to be, from negotiating your salary to avoiding the biggest mistake most people make when they quit. Chapters include advice on resume building, dressing for the job you want, and how to effectively communicate at workeven with the most difficult colleaguesall done with the Who What Wear girls´ practical and polished signature style. It gives you total insight into how you can excel at work in every arena, whether you´re just starting your very first job, contemplating switching fields, or finally a boss who´s building her own team. The Career Code also includes over 20 of Hillary and Katherine´s best ´´life hacks´´ to ensure your out-of-office life runs just as smoothly as your career. Take your ambition to the next level and give your career the stylish edge it deserves. This is the must-have handbook for every woman at every stage of her career, no matter where she sits in the boardroom.
PREIS bei - E-Books: EUR 13.99
The Career Code

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